Method’s naming convention

According to an author of “Elegant Objects” book, Yegor Bugayenko, we can call all methods that create something and return a new object – builders.
Builders exist for building new object and return it. They never return void.
What is important, builders are nouns. For example:

Car Car(int id);
float Speed();

On the other hand, methods that manipulate the object state and have side effects are called a manipulators.
These kind of methods always return void, and their names are always verbs. For example:

void Remove(Car car);
void Save(string content);

When it comes to methods that return boolean value, here is an exception, because as a builders they should be nouns but according to Yegor, their names should be adjective. For example:

bool Empty();
bool Readable();

I can admit that those suggestions are different then what I read and learnt before about method’s naming conventions, but in order to build better object oriented code that is more readable and easier to maintain it is worth to think about these concepts and put them into practice.

More detailed information about method naming conventions you can find in Yegor book