Retrieving last changes from log table.

Table definition


SELECT LogId, CreationDate, UserId, ApprovalForSendingSMS
FROM dbo.Log
WHERE UserId = 102
ORDER BY CreationDate DESC


SELECT TOP 1 x.CreationDate, x.CurrentApprovalForSendingSMS, x.PreviousApprovalForSendingSMS
    SELECT l.CreationDate, l.ApprovalForSendingSMS AS CurrentApprovalForSendingSMS, (SELECT TOP 1 e.ApprovalForSendingSMS FROM dbo.Log e WHERE l.UserId = e.UserId AND e.CreationDate < l.CreationDate ORDER BY e.CreationDate DESC) AS PreviousApprovalForSendingSMS
    FROM dbo.Log l
    WHERE l.UserId = 102    
) x 
WHERE x.CurrentApprovalForSendingSMS  x.PreviousApprovalForSendingSMS
ORDER BY x.CreationDate DESC 

Final result…



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